What Should I Do in Adoration?

(Image taken from Life Teen)

Entering an adoration room for the first time can be a calming and yet a little intimidating experience at the same time. Not because we fear being with Jesus in prayer, but rather wondering what should we do when we are in the room.

As we aim to be closer to God and to be more like Him in our everyday lives, Adoration is a perfect time to sit in silence, to reflect and to pray. It’s when we put ourselves in the presence of the Lord that we learn to listen and open ourselves to His Grace that flows from the Blessed Sacrament.

Back to the question – what should one do in adoration? To help you with that, here are a few suggestions for your next trip to the Adoration room:

  1. Slowly read Sacred Scripture until something hits you. Then listen.
  2. Say the Holy Rosary.
  3. If you can’t say 15 decades, say five decades.
  4. If you can’t say five decades, say one decade (something like what Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI has mentioned)..
  5. If you can’t say one decade, say one Hail Mary very slowly.
  6. If you can’t say one Hail Mary, say “Holy Mary”, like a little child saying “Momma”.
  7. Pray as you can, not as you can’t.
  8. Look at the Good God, and let Him look at you.
  9. Consider that the Sacred Body of Jesus came from Holy Mary. Thank her.
  10. Tell Jesus something that made you happy. Then listen.
  11. Tell Him what you are afraid of. Then listen.
  12. Tell Him what angers you. Then listen.
  13. Speak about your loved ones.
  14. Pray for an enemy.
  15. Talk with Him about work.
  16. Pray to St. Joseph for a happy death.
  17. Pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory.
  18. Sing a song for Him in your heart.
  19. Promise to trust Him.
  20. See the Blessed Virgin kneeling next to you, adoring her Son and praying with you.
  21. Realise that your Holy Guardian Angel is with you. Ask him to coach you in holiness.
  22. Renew your loyalty to His Church.
  23. Ask your patron saint to pray for you to know and do God’s Will.
  24. Lean on Him. Tell Him you love Him.
  25. Thank Him for the Sacraments.
  26. For a time, don’t DO anything. Be with Him, as a friend, while He works.
  27. Ask Him if that is perhaps what he wants you to “do” more often.
  28. Tell Him your failures. Ask for help. Then listen.
  29. Slowly recite the Beatitudes.
  30. Say one Our Father slowly.
  31. Say the Creed slowly.
  32. Slowly recite a favourite psalm. Perhaps Psalm 50 (51), the Miserere, one or two lines at a time.
  33. Pray for a great love of the Cross.
  34. See Our Lord in His Passion…stand there, with Him, as Our Lady does.
  35. Lean into the hurricane of graces coming from the monstrance.
  36. Consider the blinding Uncreated Light shining out from Him.
  37. Be aware that He is sending out graces to the world right then through you.
  38. Pray the ‘Jesus Prayer’: Lord Jesus Christ, son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.
  39. Pray Jesus, mercy… and listen. Pray Mercy, Jesus… and listen.
  40. Tell Him: Jesus, I trust in You…strengthen my trust.
  41. Ask Him: Lord, what do you what me to do? And how do you want me to do it?
  42. Ask Him to show you the next step.
  43. Talk to Him heart to Heart.
  44. Pray for the Holy Father.
  45. Pray for vocations.
  46. Look at yourself. Count your gifts. Then thank Him.
  47. Pray for the world.
  48. Enjoy just being in His Presence.

(List taken from article originally appeared on Catholic.sg)