Turn It Up

Artist: Planetshakers
Category: Praise

E  A   C#m   B

E       A          C#m      B
  You are here as we lift you up
       E              B
You are riding on our praise
E        A          C#m       B
  Be enthroned over everything
        E               B
You are seated in our praise

C#m                        B
  This is prophetic I can feel it in the air
A                          B
We lift our praise and you change the atmosphere
C#m                         B
  With hearts open now everybody singing out
A     B
I am free!

        E                 B
Turn it up this sound of praise
Make it louder than any other
          E                 B        C#m   A   B
Lift him up and shout his name over all

E        A          C#m      B
As we praise I can feel the change
       E         A   C#m      B
As your presence now invades
E       A          C#m       B
Hear the sound of the broken chains
       E          A      C#m      B
Prison doors are giving way

(Pre chorus - Chorus)

A   B   C#m   D#/B

Our praise goes up
Your rain comes down  (4x)

C#m                        B
With shouts of praise we celebrate
E/G#             A
King of glory enter in
C#m               B
You are riding on our praise
Oh lord