Artist: Hillsong
Category: Worship

Verse 1:
D       G         D   
who compares to you 
              Em              G
who sets the stars in their place
        C                   G             
he who calmed the ranging seas 
            Am          D
that came crushing over me

Verse 2:
        G          D   
Who compares to You
         Em                 G
You who bring the morning light
             C             G
The hope of all the earth
         Am                     D
Is rest assummed in Your great love

You are magnificent
Em        Am  
eternally wonderful
D         G   Em      Am
glorious Jesus no one ever
       D              C Am G D
will compare to You Jesus

Verse 3:
           G            D   
Where the evening fades
                Em       G 
You call forth songs of joy
       C            G 
As the morning wakes we Your
Am                   D
Children give You praise